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Naturally Dyed Duppatas

IKKAT is the most complicated weaving and skilled Artisans are involved. Different patterns of ikkat are available based on regions where they are weaved that represent the heritage of that place like Patola, Sambhalpuri, Pochampally, etc. Pochampally is a village in Telangana, numerous skilled weavers create mesmerising designs that look complicated but straightforward style of weaving. The technique involves tie and dyeing in required designs before the process of weaving. To bring the desired colour to the right place the threads forming the design are tied and dyed repeatedly. Then dyed warp and weft are set on their traditional looms and weaved to beautiful designs. When the tie and dye is on either warp or weft, it is called single ikkat and if both are tie and dyed, it is called double ikkat, which takes more time. Let's value to the mastery of weavers' skills by choosing handlooms.
The colours used in this process are Indigo, yellow, red and black, prepared from Indigo, turmeric, tamarind seeds and flowers like Marigold fruits like pomegranate, etc by using alum as a fixative.

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