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Bengal handwoven sarees

Dress in your culture

Explore our bespoke atelier, housing a range of unique and exquisite handwoven saris, wedding trousseaus, and a selection of luxuriously designed finery for women, men and children.
We have also introduced our newest line of accessories to enhance your wardrobe. 
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West Bengal Handwoven Sarees

Bengal is famous for its intricate weaves. Each district is home to artists and weavers, just to name them Murshidabad Silk, Softer Phulia Tangail weaves, Luxurious Muslin Matka and Kantha stitch from rural women of Shantiniketan, the endless list goes on about the textiles of Bengal. These hand woven sarees are buttery soft, airy and very comfortable whether it's sunny, rainy or chilled weather. Your skin will thank you for the choice of these fabrics.

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Our Culture 
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Sarees are a traditional dress for women in India. The word “sari” is derived from the Sanskrit word “sarasa”, which means “to wear”. It can be worn in different styles and lengths, depending on the occasion and personal preference of the wearer.

The sari is a symbol of Indian culture and heritage. It has been worn by millions of women for centuries and is still one of the most popular dresses in India today. The sari's versatility makes it a perfect choice for any occasion.

We at Kalpana Reddy store are trying to embellish the rich heritage of Indian culture through Handlooms and handcrafted clothing. Accessories and as well modern fashion textiles to your doorsteps. Let’s explore  your style statement


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